Tool of choice for designers creating and producing illustrations and layouts for print and the Web. FreeHand's uses range from commercial line art

You may also call Customer Service at: (Toll Free in the US and Canada). Contact Download the FreeHand MX (. 458) update (HQX, 4. 46 MB)

FreeHand MX free download. Get the latest version now. Create illustration and layout for print and web

Download FreeHand MX for Windows. FreeHand MX is a shareware that provides designers a tool for creating layouts and illustrations and other creative designs for online and print purposes.

710 (78 votes) Download FreeHand Free. Download FreeHand and create all kinds of designs using vector graphics. FreeHand is a tool with a great reputation among vector design professionals.

Macromedia FreeHand MX 11 Portable 16 MB Application for creating twodimensional vector graphics that are oriented primarily to professional illustration, desktop publishing and content creation for the Web. This is old Version of Adobe Free Hand